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School Students

Translation and interpretation services for schools play a crucial role in facilitating communication between students, parents, teachers, and school staff who speak different languages. Incorporating translation and interpretation services into school operations helps create a more inclusive and supportive environment for students and families from diverse linguistic backgrounds. By breaking down language barriers, schools can better engage families in the educational process, foster stronger partnerships, and ensure that all students have equitable access to education and support services.

Translation Services:

  1. School Documents: Translate important school documents such as enrollment forms, handbooks, policies, newsletters, and permission slips into multiple languages to ensure that all parents and students can access and understand important information.

  2. Educational Materials: Translate educational materials, textbooks, worksheets, and instructional resources into various languages to support students who are English language learners (ELLs) or come from linguistically diverse backgrounds.

  3. Parent-Teacher Communication: Translate written communication between teachers and parents, such as progress reports, report cards, meeting invitations, and disciplinary notices, to ensure that parents understand their child's academic progress and school-related matters.

  4. Website Translation: Translate school websites into multiple languages to provide information about programs, events, resources, and announcements to parents and students who may not be fluent in the primary language of instruction.


Interpretation Services:

  1. Parent-Teacher Conferences: Provide in-person or remote interpretation services during parent-teacher conferences to facilitate communication between teachers and parents who speak different languages. Interpreters help ensure that parents fully understand their child's academic performance, goals, and any concerns raised by the teacher.

  2. Meetings and Workshops: Offer interpretation services during school meetings, workshops, orientation sessions, and parent engagement events to ensure that all participants can actively participate and contribute regardless of their language proficiency.

  3. Student Support Services: Provide interpretation services for meetings related to special education, counseling, behavioral interventions, and academic support services to ensure that students and their families understand the goals, plans, and recommendations provided by school staff.

  4. Cultural Competency Training: Offer training sessions for school staff on working effectively with students and families from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, including strategies for effective communication and building trust.

"It is an absolute delight and honor to share my experiences working with Ms. Zineb Outnouna. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Zineb Outnouna since the summer of 2013 when she began assisting our district as an Arabic and French interpreter. She has been the consummate professional: conscientious, diligent, kind-hearted, and incredibly competent. Zineb translates documents and works with families in the native language explaining very complex educational subjects such as IEPs, procedural safeguards, standardized testing data, and district protocols."

Jonathan Covel

ESL Director, Pittsburgh Public Schools

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