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Social Service Agencies


Interpretation Services

Social services agencies reach out to Atlas Dreams Languages to ensure effective communication with clients who have limited English proficiency or speak a different language.  We have had the pleasure to help in: 

  1. Intake Interviews: When clients first seek assistance from a social service agency, interpretation may be required to facilitate the intake process. This includes gathering information about the client's needs, concerns, and background to determine the appropriate services and support.

  2. Case Management Meetings: Social workers and case managers often meet regularly with clients to discuss progress, address challenges, and develop action plans. Interpretation services ensure that clients fully understand the information shared during these meetings and can actively participate in decision-making processes.

  3. Workshops and Training Sessions: Social service agencies often conduct workshops, training sessions, and community events to provide information and support to clients and community members. Interpretation services make these events accessible to individuals who speak languages other than the primary language of instruction.

Translations Services

Atlas Dreams Languages translated a wide range of documents to ensure that clients with limited English proficiency or those who speak different languages can access, understand, and navigate the services, programs, and resources provided by the agency effectively. 

  1. Intake Forms and Applications: Documents such as intake forms, applications for assistance, and eligibility questionnaires are translated to help clients understand the requirements, procedures, and information needed to access social services and support.

  2. Program and Service Information: Brochures, pamphlets, and informational materials about the agency's programs, services, and resources are translated to inform clients about available assistance, support options, and eligibility criteria.

  3. Financial and Housing Documents: Documents related to financial assistance, housing programs, rental agreements, eviction notices, and utility bills are translated to help clients navigate financial and housing-related matters and understand their rights and responsibilities.

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