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Behavioral Health Agencies

Atlas Dreams Languages supports behavioral health agencies in providing culturally and linguistically competent care, support, and treatment to clients from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Effective communication enhances client engagement, treatment outcomes, and overall well-being for individuals seeking behavioral health services.

Child Therapy

Interpretation Services

Atlas Dreams Languages interpretation services are essential in behavioral health settings to ensure that clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds have equal access to mental health services, receive accurate information about their treatment options, and can actively participate in their treatment process. We have provided interpretation services during: 

- Therapy Sessions

- Intake and Assessments

- Psychiatric Evaluations

- Crisis Intervention

- Medication Management

Child Therapy

Translation Services

Access to translated materials promotes understanding, engagement, and empowerment for individuals seeking mental health services and their families. Atlas Dreams Languages translated materials such as: 

 - Brochures, pamphlets, handouts, and educational resources

- Intake Forms and Assessments

- Treatment Plans and Progress Notes

- Medication Instructions

- Legal Documents and Notices

- Parental Consent Forms

- Workshops and training materials

Zineb Outnouna and her company, Atlas Dreams Languages, have been amazing to work with. Zineb has not only been very helpful in educating me about the use of interpretation services but the services her company provides have been most valuable to me as a Pediatric Psychologist. I have utilized phone interpretation services for setting up appointments with clients and their families, as well as interpretation services during psychological evaluation appointments. This has been used both in person and via telehealth. Zineb has been the interpreter on a few occasions during psychological evaluation appointments, going above and beyond expectations. She has also assigned various language interpreters, whom have all been wonderful and their professionalism is unmatched. I’m very pleased with the effectiveness of interpretation services and ease of communication during the request process. My clients and their families are appreciative of Zineb and her interpreters, and have shared positive experiences with the service. Given my experiences with Altas Dreams Languages, I often refer this company to my mental health colleagues

Dr. Tarin Santamaria, PsyD, NCSP

Licensed Psychologist

State and Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Alexa Young, CA

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